Anti Gravity, Yoga & Fitness Classes

Our classes range from Beginner through to Advanced pole dancing; plus we have a variety of fitness and dance classes on offer such as Anti Gravity Yoga & Fitness.

Anti Gravity Yoga Fundamentals

Anti Gravity Yoga is a new age fitness regime available to everyone from all walks of life. It has been designed to increase overall health, flexibility, and well being whilst also having some fun! In our anti gravity yoga fundamentals course you will learn the foundations and expand your awareness of your body along with learning and mastering deep hip openings, inversions, core stabilisation techniques, and overall fitness regimens. This course is designed for a full body workout but also has relaxation and balance components incorporated into the program. Anti Gravity Fundamentals is designed for all fitness levels and ages. No previous yoga experience is required to begin taking these classes. Learn how to fly today with our professionally qualified instructors and techniques from the world famous Christopher Harrison curriculum at Poletique Fitness Studio!

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Aerial Yoga 1 & 2 Intermediate Classes

Aerial yoga 1 & 2 courses offered at Poletique Fitness Studio are the intermediate and advanced sequels to our Anti Gravity Fundamentals programs. These courses feature advanced yoga and stretching poses designed to test your flexibility skills in a safe and challenging environment. Throughout Aerial Yoga, students will also continue to develop upper body and core strength through exercises using the Harrison Anti Gravity hammocks. Students will develop and explore new wraps and traps to help master more inspiring yoga sequences where they can move freely in all directions of open space. After conquering how to free your mind and relax during the fundamentals series students will delve into this experience further to help relax the mind and body during class time.

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Suspension Fitness Classes

Suspension Fitness at Poletique Fitness Studio is a fun and exciting anti gravity course designed to test student’s strength and fitness levels using the Harrison Anti Gravity hammocks. The class will get your heart rate up and has cardio based sequences. Students will learn to flip and turn in the hammocks and see improvements in their strength and physique. Using cardio based methods to burn calories and fat students may experience weight loss and muscle toning.

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